As a leading partner for all regional, national and international organizations of every size, the Port of Saguenay's mission is to provide the necessary services and infrastructure to facilitate and increase the movement of people and goods, at competitive prices, in conditions that ensure a high level of safety, security and environmental concern.  These activities promote regional industrial development as well as domestic and international trade while contributing to the socio-economic objectives of the communities in question. 



An open gateway to domestic, international and northern markets and the preferred partner of large, medium and small organizations., the Port of Saguenay has, in just a few years, become a key player in regional economic success.

As a result of the dynamism of its port industrial park, the efficiency of its rail links and specialized equipement, and its wharves, the Port of Saguenay has made strategic investments that have positioned it not only as a national leader in the field, but also as a model for integrated economic development.

On the insdustrial, commercial and tourist sectors, the Port of Saguenay stands out from the competition for its large reception and warehousing capacity, its flexibility and efficiency, the competence and availability of its staff and its ability to innovate to better serve its customers.

The Port of Saguenay is forward-looking and its contribution to the region does not stop at economic development.  Through its social action and the strong growth in the volume of materials passing through its facilities, the Port of Saguenay contributes significantly to the reduction of road accidents, the sustainability of the road network and the development of an ecological form of transport.

The Port of Saguenay: as a well-thought tool for sustainable economic development.



  • Commitment
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Trust
  • Efficiency
  • Development
  • Client focussed